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  • My sound needs to be different but its hard to find original producers. That's why I like your work because I feel like we are creating something original. So far, everything was fast and we kept really good communication. It's hard to find that in this business these days. Visit youtube
    Billy Dha Kidd, Rap artist
  • I like music that is trendy, but different. I came across the soundcloud and soundclick page and I loved the sound! The beats are awesome- different and they are musically put together very well. I listen to beats all the time and I can hear a lot of great stuff in this music. I also love the variety of various styles and the global flavor. The website was easy to work through and I instantly got my high quality files immediately which is really important as an artist. Once you're inspired by a sound, you don't want to wait! So, it was nice having the wav files immediate to start working on my songs. Visit twitter
    AMMA JO, Singer
  • I am a solo artist, and I search the internet constantly looking for high quality beats. I must say that when it comes to quality, and good sound then SanchoBeats is the first place I look. It is a variety of beats to choose from, from Reggae to Rap instrumentals there are plenty of fire choose from. He's a very real person when it comes to business, and he's very consistent. I received an answer to my inquiry about purchasing a beat within hours. Very professional! Visit Soundcloud
    Lil Ko, Rap artist
  • I am a Singer, Rapper Songwriter and Producer. I used to make my own beats but found it very time consuming having to also write the lyrics and create vocals etc. I then found SanchoBeatz they had a wide selection of professional quality sound that catered to my style. I was on a budget but they still worked with me to be able to get the songs I want, to build my album. These guys are awesome and I am definitely coming back to get more beats because their tunes and rhythms are off the hook and smash hit Sellers! Visit facebook
    Lady Seema Dee, Singer
  • Sanchobeatz, has an amazing quality to all its beats, the beats are well mastered, produced, mixed, that i do not have to do anything to it after recording. its has a professional sound that makes my songs sounds more mainstream instead of local, and ever since i have been working with Sanchobeatz, i have been getting a lot of exposure and i can't be more grateful. Keep it coming home boy Visit facebook
    Ben Tamana, Recording artist
  • Me as an artist see SanchoBeatz as a visual beatmaker making all type of beats, I have been a SanchoBeatz fan and customer for 5 years. I haven't gotten nothing from them for a while, Due to me getting a studio and becoming a producer myself. But one of the reasons of me getting my own studio was the inspiration of what sancho and his crew have done over the years, with the options of beats, they have from hip hop to Latin or reggae ... I'm finally working on my beat list for my mixtape and at least one SanchoBeatz production will be on my track list for the mixtape. I recommend anyone with any style with SanchoBeatz.com, they will definitely adapt if you don't find one. Visit soundcloud
    Chato La Brega, Recording artist
  • Working with my friend SANCHO, it is able to enjoy fantastic songs and rhythms at the highest level, which are top anywhere in the world. HAPPY TO FEEL GOOD QUALITY GREAT SONGS TO BUILD POWER VIBRATION. Thanks SANCHO BEATZ
    Jorge Martinez, Recording artist
  • Hola mi nombre artistico es JOEL FE soy de Ecuador Mi experiencia trabajando con sancho Beatz acido enriquecedora me ayudado mucho en mi carrera Profesional subiendo mi nivel en la música urbana es un gran honor trabajar con un Dj y Productor de su nivel Porque al trabajar con el nuevas puertas se me han abierto tanto en mi país y fuera de él porque acido el complemento perfecto para mi estilo musical y para mi voz sus ritmos es el Dj y Productor que estaba buscando para mis PROYECTOS MUSICALES A GRAN ESCALA Att. JOEL FE music
    JOEL FE, Singer